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02/09/2024  &  02/10/2024

Don't miss our two-day charity seminar at Iron House Strength & Conditioning!

Gain practical insights and actionable tips from Laurin Conlin, John Gorman, Ben Azadi, and Brandon DaCruz—all in one place. Our charity seminar covers everything from financial management with Jason Roberson to common posing mistakes with Daniel Coffeen. Jason Theobald will introduce you to fat loss resistance and help you achieve your ideal physique. Learn how to set high standards, achieve success with Cameron Cheek, and get ready to maximize gut health with Lacey Dunn. Justin Mihaly in our charity seminar series, 'Bringing The Fucking Fire.' Learn valuable lessons and insights from his years of experience in the fitness industry. Closing our educational and empowering event with Taeler De Haes, where you can learn how to scale and sustain income at different levels.

Friday, February 9th, 2024


Leyah Nelson

Body follows Mind: Perceived Stress Considerations for Athletes


John Gorman

John Gorman combines the best of rapid fat loss and diet breaks for fast dieting. With this innovative program, you'll see results in no time without putting your health at risk. Plus, you'll support a great cause by attending this seminar. Don't hesitate anymore - sign up now, and let's work together to achieve your weight-loss goals.


Daniel Coffeen

As a passionate bodybuilder and experienced posing coach, Daniel is excited to share his insights on common posing mistakes, including quarter turns. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned athlete, his charity seminar will offer valuable tips and tricks to help you perfect your posing routine. Join Daniel Coffeen, for an event that benefits your fitness journey and a wonderful cause.


Brandon DaCruz

Are you tired of spinning your wheels at the gym? Are you ready to finally see the results you've been striving for? Join Brandon DaCruz, for a seminar on The Lean Gains Blueprint: Nutrition for Maximizing Muscle Growth. You'll leave with a deeper understanding of your body, practical tips for diet and exercise, and a new motivation to reach your goals.


Jason Roberson

Join us at our charity seminar and learn from the best with Jason Roberson's Financial Management, Decision Making, and Building to Sell session. His years of experience and practical advice will enable you to make informed decisions and build strategies for growth. Not only will you be empowered to take control of your financial future, but you'll also play a part in supporting a worthy cause.


Jason Theobald

Interested in learning more about your body and its response to weight loss? Look no further than Jason Theobald’s upcoming charity seminar. In this seminar, Fat Loss Resistance: What's Going On? You’ll gain valuable knowledge about the misconceptions surrounding weight loss and how to approach your fitness healthily. Join us and let Jason Theobald guide you on your journey.


Justin Mihaly

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Register today to see Justin Mihaley and experience the energy and inspiration that comes with bringing the fucking fire. With his help, you can make a real difference and create positive change in your community.


Lacey Dunn

Maximizing gut health in athletes is crucial for optimal performance and overall health. Join Lacey Dunn, a respected sports nutritionist, for this informative seminar to learn the latest research and techniques for prioritizing gut health in athletes. You won't want to miss this opportunity to learn from one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry.


Laurin Conlin

Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn how to prevent weight regain with Laurin Conlin's charity seminar. With her expertise in metabolic adaptations and understanding, she provides effective ways to achieve lasting results in your weight loss journey. This seminar is not only beneficial for your own well-being, but also supports a great cause. Register now and make a change!





Taeler De Haes

At the charity seminar, we'll dive deep into the steps needed to achieve $83k in months and sustain that growth. Join us and learn from one of the most successful businesswomen out there, and make a positive impact through the power of charity. With Taeler's proven approach, you'll have all the steps to scale your business and achieve the financial freedom you crave.


Ben Azadi

Join Ben Azadi for an incredible charity seminar on metabolic flexibility and learn the secrets to living a longer, healthier life. Metabolic flexibility is the cornerstone of good health. In this seminar, he'll teach you how to make simple changes to your diet and exercise routine that will help you improve your metabolic function. With his guidance, you'll be on your way to a healthier, happier you.


Cameron Cheek

Cameron Cheek's charity seminar is designed to help you become the best version of yourself. Cameron will provide guidance on setting your standard, achieving success, and becoming undeniable. This seminar is perfect for anyone looking to make a positive change in their life and those around them. Sign up now to transform your life and achieve success beyond your wildest dreams.

Saturday, February 10th, 2024



Date: FEBRUARY 9TH & 10TH, 2023
Time: 02/09 1PM-6PM - 02/10 8AM-5PM
Location: Iron House S&C  3664A Central Pike, Hermitage, TN 37076
Contact: For assistance, please reach out to Kayla on @AgainstTheGrain on IG
Lodging: Stay Bridge Suites,69 Belinda Pkwy, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122 • (615) 754-2111

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