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Blood Glucose Numbers And What They Might Mean

I get a lot of questions about insulin sensitivity and your blood glucose (BG) numbers on a blood glucometer.

If fasting BG is over 100, you are doing pretty much going on your first date with type 2 diabetes (126 BG number for T2D).

Also, having BG over 100 is a great way to create low inflammation around the clock, which means all your health & fitness goals will be super-duper hard to achieve.

Plus, chronic inflammation is the precursor to chronic disease.

As a nutrition coach, I like to see fasting BG 90 or below as being ideal.

If you are 100 or so then there are questions that need to be answered:

1)Are you properly hydrated?

2)How many hours of sleep did you get?

3)What is stress like - since cortisol will cause BG levels to be off.

4)What is your digestion? Are you constipated? Gassy? Bloated?

5)Recent blood work to determine if there are hormone imbalances.

6)What is the macronutrient breakdown? Perhaps you need to lower carbs and raise fats?

These are just a few things I like to work with and rule out step by step when working with my clients on their longevity and health.

Blood glucose monitoring is excellent biofeedback to help you get the results for the work you put in and health and longevity.

About Jeff Black

Jeff is a nationally recognized health and fitness coach, public speaker, podcast host for The Excellence Cartel, owner of Iron House Strength & Conditioning, bodybuilder, and Osteogenesis Imperfecta Advocate. He is also a roundtable expert on

Today, Jeff works collectively with some of the top coaches in the health and fitness space presenting to other coaches and individuals on health and fitness. He has a passion for leadership and serving others to help them be their own hero. He is recognized for his results, but above all else, the passion he has for the coach’s heart he holds dear. 

Jeff is available for in-person or online coaching and speaking engagements. Send him a message. You can follow Jeff on Instagram, YouTube, and on his website

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