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Blood Glucose Numbers And What They Might Mean

I get a lot of questions about insulin sensitivity and your blood glucose (BG) numbers on a blood glucometer.

If fasting BG is over 100, you are doing pretty much going on your first date with type 2 diabetes (126 BG number for T2D).

Also, having BG over 100 is a great way to create low inflammation around the clock, which means all your health & fitness goals will be super-duper hard to achieve.

Plus, chronic inflammation is the precursor to chronic disease.

As a nutrition coach, I like to see fasting BG 90 or below as being ideal.

If you are 100 or so then there are questions that need to be answered:

1)Are you properly hydrated?

2)How many hours of sleep did you get?

3)What is stress like - since cortisol will cause BG levels to be off.

4)What is your digestion? Are you constipated? Gassy? Bloated?

5)Recent blood work to determine if there are hormone imbalances.