You have reached our after hours NEW MEMBERSHIP form. Your  1 time processing fee and your monthly membership fee will be processed after form submission. Please come back during staffed hours for your 24/7 access door card or staff will arrange desk pick up for you.  After staffed hours guests of pass holders or new memberships must submit their own online day or week pass form.

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ACCESS CARD. We will provide you with a key card that will allow you to access the gym at your convenience provided you are not in default of this Membership Agreement. You will be responsible for maintaining the key and the key shall be due back to us immediately upon the termination of your Membership Agreement. Please be advised that if you lose your key or your key becomes damaged and/or unusable in any way, you will immediately be charged $35.00 for a key replacement. This charge may be automatically charged and auto drafted from your card that you leave on file. ONLINE MEMBERSHIPS WILL BE PROVIDED DOOR CARD UPON ARRIVAL.


LATE FEES AND DEFAULT. A $15.00 late fee shall be charged to your account in the event you fail to make payment on the first of the month and in accordance with the terms of this Membership Agreement. This late fee will be automatically charged and auto drafted from your card that you leave on file. Further, please also be advised that we reserve the right to disallow your entry to Iron House Gym in the event your account is deemed in default of this Membership Agreement.


MAINTENANCE FEES. We will charge your account a $40.00 annual equipment maintenance fee. This fee will be drafted from the card you leave on file on the 15th day of your 6 month of this Membership Agreement. This charge shall be automatically charged and auto drafted from your card that you leave on file. Members who make payment in full for six months or entire year upon signing this Agreement, shall be reduced to $20.00 maintenance fee. 

WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY. We urge you and all members to obtain a physical examination from a doctor before using any exercise equipment or participating in any exercise class. All exercises, including the use of weights and use of any and all machinery, equipment, and apparatus designed for exercising shall be at your sole risk and you understand hereby voluntarily assume any and all risks associated using equipment or participating in any exercise class or program. You understand that the agreement to use or selection of exercise programs, methods, and types of equipment, shall be at member’s entire responsibility and we shall not be liable to you for any claims, demands, injury, damages or actions causing injury to your person or property arising out of your use of the services, facilities, equipment and premises of Iron House. You, your agents, beneficiaries, or any and all entities or individuals that could in any way have legal rights through you or on your behalf, hereby hold us, our officers, owners, agents, and employees harmless from all claims, costs, including attorneys’ fees, demands, causes of actions, suits, injuries, damages of any kind whatsoever, or death, sustained by you, which arise out of my use and/or participation of the exercise equipment and/or program. You further represent and warrant that you shall carefully inspect each piece of fitness equipment prior to its use and that you will not use equipment that is functioning improperly, damaged, or dangerous. You agree to report said equipment to management immediately. If under 18 years of age, an agreement must be signed by a member and a parent or guardian. 


MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION WITH PERSONAL TRAINER. In the event you hire an Iron House personal trainer, and wish to discontinue sessions with said personal trainer, please be advised that your trainer’s cancellation requirements are separate from the requirements found in this Membership Agreement. As such, cancellation of a personal trainer contract will not effectuate a cancellation of this Membership Agreement and you shall continue to be a member of Iron House Strength and Conditioning and your obligations under this Membership Agreement shall continue until such time as you cancel your Membership Agreement in accordance with Section 4 above. 


YOUR RIGHT TO CANCEL. Please be advised that you may cancel this Membership Agreement by sending written notice of your desire to cancel before midnight of the third day (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays) or, if this Agreement is subject to a finance charge, the seventh day after you signed this Agreement. This notice must be sent by registered mail to the following address: 3664A Central Pike, Hermitage, TN 37076. Within thirty (30) days after the receipt of the notice of cancellation, we will return any payments made and any notice executed by you in connection with this Agreement. 


MEMBERSHIP TERM AND TERMINATION. The Initial Term of this Membership Agreement shall be for a period of 1 year or 2 year as selected above and shall automatically renew unless terminated in the manner prescribed below. We may cancel this Membership Agreement at any time upon providing written notice of its termination. You may cancel this Membership Agreement only by providing a ninety (90) days for 2 year and sixty (90) days for 1 year, written notice. This ninety and/or sixty day notice must be given at least ninety and/or sixty days before the next auto draft date of your account.  In the event you fail to provide ninety and/or sixty days’ notice, you shall be liable for a termination fee equal to two billing cycles. This termination fee shall be automatically charged and auto drafted from your card that you leave on file.

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