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Mike Thompson


Mike has been interested in physical development since he was in middle school. His first “weights” were gallon water jugs. He was a skinny kid. He was weak and a terrible athlete. He hated how he looked and how he felt, and he desperately wanted respect.

He found the weight room in high school and started training before or after work at his local YMCA. He tried every program he could find. He was driven and consistent, and six years later, he gained 60 pounds of muscle and lost 30 pounds of fat along the way. He was stronger, healthier, and happier than he’d ever been.

Everyone wants to be lean and feel fit, but what about the other qualities you gain while working toward these goals? Discipline, resilience, focus, tenacity: these attributes, when applied to your life outside the gym, will revolutionize you.

Since 2011 Mike has coached law enforcement officers, endurance athletes, corporate executives, moms, dads, models, middle and high school athletes, and senior citizens to better fitness and wellness.

Specialties: Fat Loss, Police/Fire/EMS, Strongman, and Strength Training for Runners

Education and Certifications: BA – Belmont University, NSCA CSCS, NSCA TSAC-F 


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MJT Training


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