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Micah Behnke


Micah Behnke, hailing from Wisconsin, discovered his passion for fitness at a young age through pursuits like wrestling, weightlifting, and various sports. This early interest in physical activity dovetailed with a deep appreciation for food and nutrition, fostering a holistic approach to health and wellness. After graduating from culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Micah honed his culinary skills in numerous kitchens and fine dining establishments.

In 2015, Micah's journey took a new turn when he enlisted in the Marine Corps, where his passion for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) flourished. Combining his culinary expertise, love for fitness, and martial arts discipline, Micah embarked on a path to empower others to reach their health and fitness goals. This journey culminated in establishing his business, CFN-Core Fitness & Nutrition LLC, in 2022, focusing on personal training and nutrition coaching.

For Micah, there's no greater reward than helping individuals achieve their aspirations. He firmly believes that genuine transformation begins with cultivating proper nutritional habits alongside dedicated exercise and fitness routines. As an Iron House Strength and Conditioning coach, Micah is committed to guiding clients toward optimal health and vitality.


Micah's favorites span a wide range: he enjoys savoring various cuisines, finds inspiration in diverse musical genres, and thrives in activities such as strength training, running, and mixed martial arts/jiu-jitsu.


Beyond fitness, Micah pursues other interests that contribute to his well-rounded lifestyle, although he hasn't specified a non-fitness hobby yet. Among his literary preferences, Boundless stands out as a book that resonates with him, though he remains open to exploring more. Similarly, while he indulges in cinematic experiences, he hasn't pinpointed a favorite movie.



In terms of education, Micah holds several notable certifications and qualifications that underscore his expertise. He is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer with the knowledge and skills to guide individuals on their fitness journeys. Additionally, he has completed training as an NCI Nutrition Coach, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach to wellness. Micah's educational background also includes an associate's degree in applied science, further solidifying his foundation in health and fitness.

Throughout his journey, Micah has achieved significant milestones, including being honored with the Company High PFT (Physical Fitness Test) during his military service. This recognition speaks to his dedication and commitment to physical excellence, qualities that he continues to embody in his coaching and training endeavors.


Visit Micah's Site:
Core Fitness Nutrition


Contact Micah Behnke:

  • Micah Behnke at Iron House S&C
  • Micah Behnke at Iron House S&C
  • Micah Behnke at Iron House S&C INC.
  • Micah Behnke at Iron House S&C
  • Micah Behnke at Iron House S&C
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