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Lee Maasen


Hunter Harrington, a Nashville native, discovered his passion for fitness at the age of 18. Since then, it has become a driving force in his life, teaching him invaluable lessons in facing challenges, mastering discipline, and overcoming obstacles—skills he believes are essential for everyone. Hunter finds immense fulfillment in assisting others on their fitness journeys and is always willing to lend a listening ear and offer guidance to those seeking instruction. Currently, he is actively competing on the national stage in men's physique, with aspirations of turning PRO.



When it comes to food, Hunter's heart belongs to his mom's spaghetti. He finds inspiration and motivation in the beats of hip-hop, rap, and EDM music genres, which accompany him through every workout session. His exercise of choice revolves around any chest exercise, reflecting his dedication to sculpting a strong and balanced physique. Outside the gym, Hunter's interests range from delving into books about physics to indulging in war and crime movies.



Hunter is dedicated to continuously expanding his knowledge and expertise in the realm of health and fitness. He holds professional certifications demonstrating his commitment to mastering his craft and providing the highest quality coaching services. Alongside his pursuit of education, Hunter proudly holds the 2022 MR Tennessee Men's Physique State Champion title, a testament to his commitment and hard work. Additionally, he celebrates even the smallest victories, like successfully tying his own shoes today—an affirmation of the perseverance that fuels his journey. Through his dedication to education and achievement, Hunter is positioned as a trusted professional in the fitness industry, providing unparalleled support and guidance to his clients.


Contact Lee Maasen:

  • Hunter Harrington at Iron House S&C
  • Hunter Harrington at Iron House S&C
  • Hunter Harrington at Iron House S&C
  • Hunter Harrington at Iron House S&C
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