Kevin Smith

Kevin has always been drawn to health & fitness. Believing that a healthy body=healthy mind. Kevin’s passion for coaching comes from the want to help others unlock their true potential and develop their self-confidence through health and fitness. Believing that everyone is truly limitless he helps people develop healthy mindsets that create self-belief. Once true self-belief is there anyone is truly limitless in what they can achieve.    


Growing up on a farm in Ohio Kevin is no stranger to hard work with a can-do attitude. Knowing what is cultivated from grit, discipline, and tenacity he brings these characteristics to his coaching style. Also being involved in competitive sports he understands the dynamics of a team and what can be accomplished together. Aligning these characteristics with his core values of Extreme Ownership, Honesty, and Integrity he has found success in motivating others to stick to their goals and surpass what they envisioned.  


Lastly Kevin believes in setting the example as a leader. So, by doing so he maintains a healthy lifestyle competing as a bodybuilder and developing his knowledge to drive consistent results for his clients on evidence-based research. His main objective it to show anyone that anything is possible and that anyone can reach their highest potential with a little extra effort and the right mindset.


Kevin is available for in-person lifestyle or competitive training. Also, online coaching for both lifestyle and competitive athletes. You can follow Kevin on Instagram and Facebook.


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