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Kristin Petrony


Imagine if you could lose fat and not gain it back because you learned how to make your favorite foods work within your new healthy lifestyle. It’s just like when you learned to make steakhouse dinners fit within your budget.


I help the woman who does it all, actually do it all: Build a strong body, lose fat, and build a life of balance without the overwhelm of restrictive dieting through our lifestyle integration process.


I’m looking forward to meeting you for your free consultation!


Certified Personal Trainer from ISSA
NCI Level 1 Nutrition Coach
Strength & Conditioning Coach from ISSA
Women’s Health Coach from Girls Gone Strong
Powerlifting Coach from ISSA
Youth Fitness Coach from ISSA
Certified USPA Powerlifting Coach
USPA State Judge
Pre/Post-Natal Health Coach - In Progress



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