Shannon Johnson


Originally from the rainy PNW, Shannon made the move to Nashville for a change of pace seeking sun, warmth, and southern hospitality. Growing up as a swimming athlete and competitive Equestrian showman, Shannon’s alternative time was spent wakeboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and hunting. Like many, the stress of college and less than ideal choices led to the beginning of many years of bad health. Gaining around 80 pounds during pregnancy and struggling to get the weight off, Shannon joined a garage gym that eventually became a CrossFit facility. The community helped her to gain empowerment through building strength, pushing through challenges, and accomplishing goals. In her transformation she became passionate about helping others, naturally leading her into becoming a coach.

While Crossfit is where her journey initially started, Shannon saw the need for a more one-on-one approach, thus began her full time career as a personal trainer. Having dealt with her own insecurities of gym-intimidation and body image, she understood the importance of creating a safe place for individuals to find acceptance within themselves, embrace the challenges in order to grow, and put action into place. It is her mission to create sustainable habits by guiding clients to build healthy relationships with nutrition, exercise, and self-image. And to acknowledge that the scale, how much weight you lift, how you look in the mirror, how fast you run, how imperfectly you execute your nutrition or training program, how many times you fail...does not define your self-worth.

Certificates and Education Held:
*CF-L1, USAW Level 1, USATF level 1, Vanquish Olympic weightlifting Snatch & Clean & Jerk
*Bachelor of Science, Business Management & Real Estate Finance

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