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Erin Crawford
Relentless Forever Catalyst Coach

After a childhood of illness and obesity, Erin was diagnosed with a rare cervical cancer at the age of 19. Despite surgeries and treatments, cancer returned four total times. The third surgery removed her cervix leaving her with a bleak prognosis of ever becoming a mother. It was with the fourth diagnosis of cancer in the surrounding tissue that Erin began asking why this kept happening to her. Her curiosity led her to take a long hard look at her lifestyle, and she was forced to admit her own role in her illness. Turning to holistic and alternative medicine, cleaning up her diet, learning to cook, and detoxing her home environment, she completely immersed herself in a healing journey. Within a year, she had lost 110 lbs, was free of cancer, and has remained so for over a decade now. 


It was during this same time her father was in a terrible accident that left him brain-damaged and quadriplegic. Erin moved home to care for him, and it was during the time she spent in the spinal cord trauma unit that she discovered her passion for integrating her new love of alternative therapies with western medicine to best help others. 


At this time, Erin was also working in a bariatric weight loss center. She loved the time she spent with the patients, counseling them on tactics to best reach their weight loss goals alongside the bariatric surgery they received. However, when a patient suffered liver failure as a result of the diet food products and diet medications they had been prescribed, she became quite concerned with the methods used in the clinic and the negative long-lasting effects on the patients’ overall health. From that moment, Erin became focused on helping others discover their hidden potential and truly healing from the inside out.


Erin became a licensed Prenatal and Pediatric Chiropractic Assistant, working under the head chiropractor of the largest prenatal and pediatric clinic in Kentucky. Erin became a certified birth doula and closely worked with midwives in the area to hone the craft. This, coupled with her own personal desire for optimal health, is where she discovered her passion for all things fertility, hormones, and autoimmunity. Erin also completed the Integrative Nutrition Coaching program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and followed that up with the certification from the Primal Health Coaching program. 

Through careful integrative nutritional protocols, Erin has now successfully helped more than 40 couples become families despite being diagnosed with infertility, and numerous women overcome autoimmune conditions they were told they would suffer for life. Erin has taught many classes locally for expectant mothers on prenatal, pregnancy, and postnatal nutrition, and truly enjoys working with women of all ages and circumstances to optimize hormones for a pain-free, happy and healthy life. Erin believes it is her life mission to help women understand and properly fuel their bodies! 


Erin is now accepting clients for both nutrition and fitness coaching!


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