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Casey Samsel


Casey Samsel, a vibrant soul at 34, thrives on connecting with individuals who challenge her perspectives. Embracing a hippie, earthy vibe, Casey exudes positivity and loves taking risks. With a fondness for feline companionship, she shares her life with three beloved cats. Casey's passion for exploration extends beyond the gym, as she adores planned and spontaneous travel adventures.

Casey LOVES to travel. Planned or spontaneous.

Enneagram Type:
Identifying as an Enneagram Type 8, Casey embodies traits of The Challenger: self-confident, decisive, intense, and direct. Her Wing Type 7 adds a layer of enthusiasm to her personality, making her busy, fun-loving, and versatile

Casey's palate delights in anything chocolate, and her musical tastes span EDM, House, Alternative, Hip Hop, Rap, and Pop genres. In exercise, she finds joy in glute abductions for their versatility in activating and sculpting the glutes. Beyond fitness, Casey indulges in breathwork, energy practices, and the warmth of campfire conversations accompanied by s'm
ores. "Think Like A Monk" by Jay Shetty is a book that profoundly impacted her.



Casey's fitness journey is characterized by remarkable achievements. She holds the esteemed titles of FIT FEMME PROJECT FOUNDER & COACH, establishing herself as a pioneer in the fitness industry. As the Owner & Coach of TEAM CASEY LLC since 2015, Casey has demonstrated her commitment to empowering others on their fitness journeys. She is the visionary behind The Fit Femme Project and the groundbreaking "Bust It, Feed It, Rest It" New Body Method, introduced in 2020. Casey's expertise is underscored by her certifications as a Personal Trainer since 2015 and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist since 2018. With eight years of dedicated experience in bikini bodybuilding and coaching, Casey has cultivated a wealth of knowledge and skills. Her illustrious career includes notable milestones such as being an IFBB Bikini Pro since 2014, a self-coached athlete, and a four-time Bikini Olympian. Casey has competed in 37 competitions, securing impressive titles such as 4th place in the 2017 Bikini Olympia and 3rd place in the coveted 2018 Arnold Classic Bikini International.



Contact Casey Samsel:

  • Casey Samsel at Iron House S&C INC.
  • Casey Samsel at Iron House S&C INC.
  • Casey Samsel at Iron House S&C INC.
  • Casey Samsel at Iron House S&C
  • Casey Samsel at Iron House S&C
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